Between 2014 and 2016, in the heart of the Helsinki Design Week, the world famous Silo 468 light art piece in Helsinki, Finland housed an unique gathering of minds from the world of architecture, design and lighting. Thinkers at world class level joined Lighting Design Collective (LDC) in challenging and debating the current role of light, natural, artificial, digital, responsive and participatory in the architecture and in built environment.The aim of the THINK-IN-A-TANK annual series was to further critical design thinking in context of light in architecture and to identify current and future foresight ideas essential for the advancement of theoretical and creative approaches in this field. International creative visionaries engaged in a process of exploration and exchange, performed in the experiential edge of the award-winning SILO 468 light art icon. The participants navigated the event according to a proprietary set of triggers, leading to explorations on light and architecture. In particular, a LDC reframing tool that offers 16 “cards” with research-based triggers that capture the essence of creative possibilities to approach future design in paradigmatic terms. This led participants to shape their own visions of lighting incorporating stimuli from technical, organisational and socio-cultural nature.


The social, cultural and design role of lighting is facing major crossroads and departure points at this moment in history, from applicative history to digital futures. For example, the importance of natural and artificial light to the quality of life and the health of individuals are gaining recognition worldwide, reverting priorities that seemed to be consolidated for more than a century. At this stage, the evolution towards the next generation of artificial light and the experiences is unchartered. THINK-IN-A-TANK aimed at establishing a thought-leading venue where multidisciplinary professional leaders will envision what will be next.


All three editions were private invitation only events held inside the the SILO 468 a former oil tank converted into mesmerising light art piece by the sea in Helsinki, Finland. This multiple award winning light art intervention was opened in October 2012 and signified the start of a major urban redevelopment for the City of Helsinki. It functions to draw focus to a new Kruunuvuori “district of light” and creates a landmark and a marketing device for the City. Maybe most importantly through the use of natural and artificial light it created a unique civic space for the citizens to use. More information about the project see: SILO 468


logo_helsinkiThe event ran annually on September 2014, 2015 and 2016. The event was part of the Helsinki Design Week programme. The event was not public however the outcome will be made public through videos and research writings published in professional magazines. Founded in 2005, Helsinki Design Week is the largest design festival in the Nordic countries. Held annually in September, the multidisciplinary festival presents design from a number of fields as well as fashion, architecture and urban culture.Helsinki Design Week is produced by design service agency Luovi Productions ltd.

The Matrix

The participants navigated the event according to a unique set of triggers, leading to dialogs and explorations that were shaped by the context of the day. In particular, the matrix tool offered 16 “cards” with research-based triggers that capture the essence of a creative possibility to approach design in paradigmatic terms. Distribution of these 16 cards across teams inevitably led participants to shape their own visions of lighting design beyond plain lighting, incorporating ideas and stimuli from technical, organisational and socio-cultural nature.









Reframe the lighting experience as based on an unorthodox, formalized design process.


Reframe the lighting experience as a flow of diverse and distinctive highly specialized digital applications.


Reframe the lighting experience as based on a formal yet personal research approach, not necessarily one justified by academic theories.


Reframe the lighting experience by letting the socio-cultural context take the lead and determine the brief at the start of a structured process.



Reframe the lighting design process as based on multidisciplinary, modular sequences of repeatable steps.


Reframe the lighting experience as a seamless journey through one unified and pervasive digital ambient.


Reframe the lighting experience as a radical research opportunity, combining different scientific and technical fields, no matter how distant.


Reframe the lighting experience as a co-creative dialog with all involved stakeholders, at every step of an open process.



Reframe the lighting experience process as a documented outcome of one off intuitive design decisions grounded in personal motives and preferences.


Reframe the lighting experience as a highly contradicting, yet personally inspiring mix of high / low, pop / art and personal / public digital touch-points.


Reframe the lighting experience according to the most out-of-the-box practices of whatever field of your personal interest, no matter how distant from design or lighting.


Reframe the lighting experience as a critical enabler of social innovation and cultural change for a better society, to the point of disruption with the status quo.



Reframe the lighting experience as the outcome of your personal rituals, those everyday and unspoken practices, translated into universal principles.


Reframe the lighting experience as software-driven process for advanced augmented reality beyond current 3D and ICT models.


Reframe the lighting experience as the new leading framework of tomorrow’s urban / interior design.


Reframe the lighting experience from the point of view of informal leaders in the cultural context, to be identified and involved.




The events were organised and hosted by the Lighting Design Collective (www.ldcol.com) a design studio specialising in architectural lighting solutions and applications with integrated cutting-edge services such as digital content creation, software development and lighting design strategies. The company has offices in Madrid, Helsinki and London and has completed projects internationally in over 20 countries. Amongst the numerous awards received by LDC is Media Architecture Biennale Award for Best Spatial Media Art, German Design Award, IALD Award of Excellence and Architizer A+ Award. The events were co-designed and hosted by Marco Bevolo, urban futures sociologist.


The participants were known design leaders and critical thinkers from the fields of Architecture, Lighting Design and Research as well as senior industry personalities in lighting marketing and manufacturing; crowd management; business modelling; design disciplines; and opinion-leading sector industrialists.
  • Andrew

    Andrew Taylor

    MAKE Architects, London. Outside of the studio, Andrew has been a guest tutor for the architecture studios of Central Saint Martins and the Welsh School of Architecture.

  • pekka helin

    Pekka Helin

    Founder & design director at Helin & Co Architects, Helsinki.

  • Paul Cocksedge

    Paul Cocksedge

    Paul Cocksedge is one of the UK’s most inventive young designers. He creates visually spectacular and technically ingenious lights that celebrate the magical and transformative qualities of illumination.

  • FilippoLodi-UNStudio

    Filippo Lodi

    Head of Innovation and Knowledge Management. UNStudio, Amsterdam.

  • Tuomas Silvennoinen

    Tuomas Silvennoinen

    Architect SAFA, Design Director, Chief Architect at PES Architects. Helsinki/Shanghai.

  • Alice Dietsch

    Alice Dietsch

    Director of AL_A, London

  • Jenny Osuldsen

    Jenny B. Osuldsen

    Partner, Director, MLArch, MNLA, Professor in Landscape Architecture
    Snohetta, Oslo

  • Antti

    Antti Nousjoki

    Founder & design principal at ALA Architects, Helsinki

  • RiccardoMarini

    Riccardo Marini

    Director of Gehl Architects, Riccardo is an Architect and Chartered Town Planner with a deep knowledge of developing people-centred solutions.

  • Carlotta

    Carlotta de Bevilacqua

    Carlotta is Designer, entrepreneur and fully established university lecturer, and one of the major players in the world of contemporary architectural and design. She is Vice President of Artemide and President of Danese Milano.

  • JasonF

    Jason Flanagan

    Jason is the Creative director of Flanagan Lawrence, a London based architectural practise. He is also a member of Audialsense, a collective of sound artists.

  • Josee

    Josée Courtemanche

    Josée is an architect, retail consultant and presently owner of Nuolniemi Oy, a design and consulting firm founded on Woman’s Day 2015.

  • JanneAikio

    Janne Aikio

    Janne is Principal Scientist at VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland.

  • annukkalarsen_BW_small

    Annukka Larsen

    Annukka is a lighting designer and the coordinator of the City of Light project in Jyväskylä, Finland. Since 2009 Annukka has been part of Pro-Environment Urban Lighting project that aims on sustainable urban lighting.

  • Andrew Beddard

    Andy Beddard

    Founder of Crowd Vision. Strategist and consultant, working with ideas and innovations from start-ups to government.

  • JaneVita_CV

    Jane Vita

    Jane is Senior Service Creator at Futurice with experience in interaction design, service design, digital strategy, digital media and visual design.

  • jannekupiainen

    Janne Kupiainen

    Janne is design director and one of the founders of Kuudes Kerros a Helsinki based strategic design studio.

  • MartinWest

    Martin West

    Partner at Syndicate West Architects, London. My career reconciling two subjects, namely art and science. These seemingly polar opposites point towards an interests in “system theory”.

  • Niina

    Niina Sihto

    Interior Architect. Co-founder at FYRA, Helsinki.


    Ricardo Mateu

    Architect & Director at UHA Architects, London

  • TeroHelenius

    Tero Helenius

    Workspacetraveler, independent coworking, retail and design professional at Phong Agency Oy, Helsinki.

  • Aleksi Niemeläinen

    Aleksi Niemeläinen

    architect MSc, SAFA, partner at Futudesign Ltd, Helsinki

  • Nacho

    Nacho Martín

    Architectural Thinking for Innovation Challenges. Design Director at FJORD.
    MI5 Architects , Madrid

  • Janna Bystrykh

    Janna Bystrykh

    Associate OMA*AMO, Rotterdam

  • tuomasW

    Tuomas Wichman

    Lead architect SAFA, FISE AA at Helin & Co Architects, Helsinki.

  • Jonas Upton-Hansen

    Jonas Upton-Hansen

    Founder at UHA Architects, London

  • Sami Horto

    Sami Horto

    Partner, Architect SAFA at Soini & Horto Architects

  • Santeri Lipasti

    Santeri Lipasti

    Architect Partner at Huttunen-Lipasti-Pakkanen Architects, Helsinki

  • Steven Bradley

    Steven Bradley

    Focuses on providing strategic advice to entrepreneurs whose fundamental objective is to effectively expand and grow their brands worldwide. Co-founder of Skandal Technologies, Helsinki & Madrid.
    Founder of SAB Connect, Milano, Italy

  • Kristian Krogh

    Kristian Krogh

    Partner at Lighting Design Collective, London.

  • Jari Vuorinen

    Jari Vuorinen

    Jari is a partner and lighting design director at Lighting Design Collective Oy in Helsinki, Finland. His love for narrative driven design and his background in film lighting drives his creative approach.

  • gorka_cortazar_Photo

    Gorka Cortazar

    Gorka is a creative programmer, digital artist, Director of Digital Content at Lighting Design Collective and the founder of UNSTATIC, an experimental content provider for digital lighting.

  • Mark-Paul

    Mark Paul

    Mark is a lighting designer and a Director of Lighting Design Collective London.

  • Tapio Rosenius

    Tapio Rosenius

    Tapio is the co-rounder and CEO of Skandal Technologies and the founder of Lighting Design Collective, Madrid, Helsinki & London. By origin he is a Finnish designer, innovator, artist and an entrepreneur and has been working with light as a medium for design collaborations, digital interventions, product innovation and art since 1998.

  • Marco Bevolo

    Marco Bevolo

    Urban futures sociologist & session moderator. Marco is a Lecturer at NHTV University of Applied Sciences, Breda and a Principal Urban Futures consultant for Philips Lighting EMEA. He is the editor / co-author of four books and a PhD candidate with research on the role of design in urban futures.


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